how did I get here? [from the archives]

Jul 7, 2014

My love of blogs goes back around 3 years; I trolled across ‘A Beautiful Mess’ and instantly I was hooked. I then fell in love with ‘One Claire Day’ which took me around the world to many, many inspiring people, blogs, careers and ideas. The magical thing about blogs is they take you to many more wonderful bloggy places. I was consistently passionate about blogs and mybloglovin list was full to the brim with blogs that I both loved and was devoted to following. Obviously following blogs for this length and depth, I did play with the idea of setting up my own a few years back… doing a little basic research and mimicking some of my favourites I started a blog called ‘claireabells’. It had no real direction nor did I really have any idea of what I was doing so it lasted about 3 posts. I felt overwhelmed and icky with the idea of ‘do I really want to get involved in this world wide web?’ Nevertheless my love of blogs continued and I was content with my daily updates and inspiration from my Internet friends.

It wasn’t until years later an idea sprouted. Russell (my fiancé) picked me up from work and on our usual commute home I said “I think I want to start a blog… a blog about careers (something that I have always been fascinated in) with my experience from Emerging Marketers, my various career moves, challenges and life experience”. He said, “Do it! That’s a great idea!” – so I did.

I am one who is always up for a challenge and having done it once and failing I felt this time I had a plan. I got myself a notepad and started brainstorming my ideas and direction. I planned to give myself six weeks in the development stage to build on my plans and understand the real ins and outs of this blogging world. THEN – you may call it coincidence but I put it down to ‘my stars are aligning’ – the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted e-course was launched. Wasting no time, I knew this was what I needed to build on my ideas and visions. Its turned out to be the best move I have made in my blogging experience so far and truly believe that without this course I would have fallen into a ‘its not perfect yet’ pattern. After this, I had two other experiences that the universe was telling me ‘this is where I need to be – your journey is about to begin!”

Bright-Eyes and Blog Hearted was more than a blogging e-course – it taught me how to control my inner critic dealing with those ‘who is going to care about what I have to say’ and ‘is my writing good enough’ emotions. How to develop self-love and confidence, that my passion is my passion, to not just dream big but to really dream AND to ‘stay hell-bent in your belief in you’.

Being a lover of blogs for so many years I felt I had explored every corner of the Internet. Bright-Eyed and Blog Hearted introduced me to wonderful people and their blogs that I had not known about. Introducing me to ‘Collective’ (how did I miss this magazine) and one of the most valuable tools anyone can ask for… a community of like-minded bloggers from all over the world embarking on the same journey, one that I can tap into at anytime of the day. Many of those I will feature on the blog with their own interesting and inspiring stories will range from yoga teachers, counsellors, child care workers who have changed their 10 year corporate career to follow their dreams, talented photographers and a fundraiser consultant who is deeply connected in her work. The communities passion and inspirations is so transparent, I feel like it is my own little personal cheer-squad.

Not only do we have this online community. I have had the pleasure of meeting a network and friendship with my Bright-Eyes and Blog-Hearted peers. Our catch-ups consist of personal wins, adventures, challenges, directions and developments – we could sit and chat for hours. The connection and inspiring talented people I have met is invaluable and a credit toRachel MacDonald on how engaging, community focused, encouraging and inviting (I cannot express how inviting) she has made the e-course.

Not only did I learn how to write a kick arse ‘About’ Page, but I also learnt many personal developments allowing me to ‘have permission to forge my own path’. Anyone wanting to embark on the blogging world – I highly recommend and encourage you to dive right in to Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted… you will not regret it!
White Blank Pages so far, on my short blogging journey, has allowed my creativity, passion and dreams to evolve. I often get asked by people ‘how is your new business going?’ which makes my heart smile; I have not yet spouted on the business concept (although it is sitting in waiting to be born with many ideas in the making and I would love, love, love that) and am working fulltime in a marketing role that I enjoy. Taking White Blank Pages to the next level will be the next chapter to this story and I cannot wait to see how it eventuates and love it that you are joining me for the ride. I love sharing career profiles with you and giving insight into various roles that you may be interested in. I enjoy sharing my career ups and downs and everything I have learnt along the way. I am passionate and devoted to making this a space you can come to when you are feeling overwhelmed about your career choice, or whether you are yet to make that career choice. If you are unclear on the questions to ask in an interview or simply needing that motivation to rock at your role I want this space to be a place to get those hints and tips.

I believe if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

Career learning from my blogging journey.

// You have a dream… you CAN make it happen.
// You are unique and have a story to tell.
// There is such thing as an inner critic and you can control it.
// You have the option of doing anything you want – AND I mean ANYTHING.

It is my dream to be offering my advice and guidance through a mentoring program via White Blank Pages – giving advice, direction and hints to you if you are in a marketing or corporate role feeling overwhelmed or unclear on your where you fit in the corporate world. Is this something that you would be interested in? I would love to hear from you, please comment below or flick me a line at

Bright-Eyes and Blog-Hearted will be launching Monday 14 July 2014 – join the mailing listhere so you don’t miss out.