Hello there

And welcome to my very first post on this brand new White Blank Page.

It feels exciting to be at the forefront of this born-again blog and to bring blogging back into my world and hopefully the world of others.

I must admit, I do miss it. I have been off the scene for a few years now but I feel that the transition back to blogging is coming. I feel that people are looking for more in-depth conversations and language they can sit with and explore. The movement to shorter, faster, on time information in forms or posts, stories and live video is exciting and fresh and convenient – which I love and am no stranger to – but I am looking to add value in a longer lasting way. I feel blogging is where it is at for me.

Where do I begin?


Im Claire, I started my (old) blog White Blank Pages in 2014 where I, looking back, produced a lot of content around career guidance and advice. I also interviewed a different person each week and profiled their career (this was a very popular feature). My blog actually gained a bit of traction and I was named number 7 in the article The Top 20 Career and Professional Development Blogs to Follow in 2015 by the Australian Careers Hub and Named number 7 in the article Australia's Fastest Growing Careers and 50 Best Job Blogs to Follow by the International Careers Institute.

But, for the juicy stuff and to get a good taste on where is actually all began, have a look at this post I wrote back on July 7, 2014 – you can get the feel for the blog style and my journey AND how far I have come.

Since I left the blog and went on my merry way embarking on motherhood, married life and a change in my career. I have been discovering more and more about myself, what is in alignment for me and (more importantly) what is not. I am learning how to deeply trust, follow what feels right and to tune into my intuition. I believe that following your intuition, coupled with career smarts and a dose of motivation you have the tools you need to achieve.

What is next?

Words and writing is something that does not come natural to me so it was easy for me to full away from blogging. Although I missed the space, I don’t feel like I missed the writing as much. I never felt attached to it or that it was a part of me. But what I did know was when I was in flow with my writing and writing felt right. It was not forced nor felt stuck for things to say. It felt natural. It didn’t happen often but when it did, those are the posts that performed the best.

So my vow to you, on my very first post on this new platform is to only write, posts and share when I am in those flow states, when it comes natural and when I feel I have something worth sharing. I will pull in a guest or two to help share their expertise and I may even give the v-blog a good old crack. This will be a space to add value around careers that goes deeper than the surface as well my experience and my thoughts. I will offer advice and guidance and share how I developed my career by removing those limiting beliefs and playing to my strengths.

What else is happening at White Blank Pages HQ?

// I have started working with clients on building their careers, self-belief, clarifying goals and developing their mindset.

// I developed a quiz for you to understand your current mindset and how you can build and develop it.

// I am creating an e-book around three pillars - professional, personal and the practical side to career development and guidance. More on this to come

// If you follow me on instagram, you will notice a thread of image and quote style (thinking of changing this up) where I share snippets of information and thoughts. I may even use this as a platform to go deeper in the blog (that kinda makes sense really)

// Really into The Goop Podcast at the moment, some REAL arhhha moments going on in my earphones and just a delight to listen to.

So now, please stay tuned. I don’t want to put pressure on myself or others (hello to the two little men in my life) to show up here at a set time each week but I do want to be consistent. Please bare with me while I find my feet and work out what will work well with my ‘flow’ writing state and when I have something to say.

For now, please enjoy the open space and White Blank Page