One on One Coaching


working 1:1 with you to distill any limitations so you can uncover your full potential

This is for you if…

You feel disconnected in your career and ready to stretch the limits but unclear on where to start or what your next move should be.

You are looking for a career change and need the support, guidance and encouragement to do so.

You are gliding along in the background with a desire to grow but struggle with the belief you can, confidence in yourself and your ability.

You are ready to take on that promotion, challenge for the next level but feel frustrated with the lack of opportunity or direction.

You are confident in your image and have worked hard to create it but still don’t feel like you ‘fit’ or belong in your role.

You try to mask, hide and avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, especially regarding putting your work and ideas forward, your level of intelligence, spelling or learning.

Working one on one will help you take off that mask that disguises who you are so you feel confident and capable to step into your own genius. It will help you navigate your career journey so you feel clear and ready.

We work together on understanding your mindset, what this means and how you can grow your mindset to develop your abilities. We work on dissolving your attachment to limiting beliefs and removing doubt in your ability or feeling that you are ‘faking it till you make it’ so you can grow into your career and feel confident.

After understanding your current situation we work on the best tools and techniques for you to be able to clarify goals, develop your mindset, enhance your learning ability and feel good about where you are at and what you want to achieve.

I tailor every consultation to suit you and your situation. I do this work because I am so passionate about helping women step into their true potential.

 The three month coaching package includes:

-  6 x 60 minute sessions

- Post session email with overview of including details of any actions and activities from the session

- Unlimited email support

- Worksheets and activities

- Detailed action plan of goals and next steps

Investment $160 per month = total price $480.
*payment plans available on request*

As an idea, this is what do we cover?

Keeping in mind, every coaching series is run differently depending on your situation, pain points and goals.

- To start with, you will receive a pre-coaching questionnaire which will give you a chance to reflect on your current situation and goals and give me a sense of your pain points and mindset.

- Let’s not muck around, goal setting is key. Together, we will map out the plan for the coaching series, making note of key pain points and areas of focus. Let’s sink our teeth in, straight up. You will leave the first session with clear, inspired goals.

- You will quickly gain an understanding of your mindset, possible limiting beliefs and frustrations. You will learn and develop steps on how you can start to take action, now.

- I’m all about taking practical and meaningful actions to gain results and move you towards your destination. We will work together on this with my full support and mentorship.

- You will start to feel the shifts and personal growth leaving you excited about your situation and beyond, making a positive step to change.

- You will feel completely in-control and have a sense of knowing that you are able to (and will) achieve your goals

- We end the session with a comprehensive action plan on your steps post coaching series so you can continue on your journey.

What some of my clients have said after our session

- I realised I was frustrated about not having control over things I have no control over and was able to let go quite quickly.

- I felt I had some really helpful activities and also a bit of relief around some mindset areas I'd felt very stuck with

- It was great to get lots of tips to then take away and practice, very good value!

- Tools to keep me positive and snap me back if starting to feel down

- It has made me more conscious of my thoughts and I need to try harder rather than feeling sorry for myself.

- You've given me the tools and resources to work on ways I can think differently about situations. I could definitely see stronger mindset shifts

- I felt happy, excited and inspired

The hour of power coaching package includes:

-  1 x 60-90 minute session

- Post session email with overview of including details of any actions and activities from the session

- Follow up email a week after for any questions post session

Investment $90.

As an idea, this is what do we cover?

Keeping in mind, every coaching series is run differently depending on your situation, pain points and goals.

We will pick one area that you most want to work on (your major pain point) and go over tips and tools to help you create direction and be a little clearer on your next steps.

This is an intense, compact session. You will come away with some specific relevant, practical guidance on your pain point / issue.

Some examples on what people have used this service for include:

- Job application services such as resume and cover letter review and interview prep

- Career clarity and direction, getting back on track

- Strength finders and mindset work

- Networking confidence and tips

- Re-focus and direction

I feel like I have tools to change my mindset which gives me hope knowing I can actually change how I feel and take more positive actions moving forward.
— Sami Mills