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I am passionate about supporting ambitious women and unique learners who are on a mission to take charge of their career and learn deeply about themselves and their capabilities.

I’m Claire and I was diagnosed with dyslexia early on in my schooling. At age 11 I had the reading and writing of a seven year old and still getting my b’s and d’s mixed around.

Although the traditional schooling style and learning proved to be difficult for me, it did not hinder my ambition which is what has seen me successfully complete University and create a high achieving career.

This did not come without limitations and a whole lot of confidence and capability barriers that I had to navigate and work through. I would glide along in the background with a desire to grow and develop but really struggled with the belief I could and I often felt my ability and intelligence was not up to scratch and hid behind it.

I have always known, dating back to high school days, that I would use my dyslexia as my superpower to help and motivate people. I just needed to work through my own personal barriers so I could stand true to who I am and be an authentic example of what IS possible.

I had to detach myself from the label of being dyslexic and the stigma I created for myself.

I needed to change my limiting beliefs.

White Blank Pages One on One Coaching

This is what lead me to here …

I have (and continue to) dedicate my professional life to learning, development and educating myself on the power of the mind, inner beliefs and clearing negative thought patterns.

This helped me navigate those emotions, gain clarity and instill confidence in my ability and know that I am, actually,  intelligent.

As a career coach I couple my professional career experience developed through a decade of hands of marketing experience, student engagement and project management over a diverse range of industries, and my personal breakthroughs to bring to you, grounded, relatable and modern mentoring.

I truly believe we all have the capability to thrive. I am here to support you in standing true to your own self, releasing any attachment to labels and throwing off limitations so you can feel confident and capable of stepping into your own genius.

Some Career Snippets

- Facilitated a Leadership Program for Student Representatives, resulting in student driven project effecting change and development within the organisation.

- Mentored University students to further develop their skills in leadership, as a Student Representative and in their career development.

- Presented numerous professional development workshops to University Students, High School Students and Industry Organisations.

- Presented a new initiative to a board on acquiring new customers in new market segments which involved market research, developing a proposal, engagement strategy and internal and external communication plan.

- Managed a client relationship process for existing professional clients to ensure client retention.

- Developed, implemented and project managed a call to action membership program resulting in a membership base of over 20,000 in a period of 12 months.

- I was made redundant and gained employment within the same week by referral from my redundant employer.

- Chaired Australian Marketing Institute - Emerging Marketers committee for multiple years.

- Professionally mentored graduates over four years.

- Applied for a leadership position as a shared role presenting a proposal and presentation. Leading the way within the organisation.

All of the achievements listed has led to the development of my capabilities, experience and knowledge that I am extremely passionate about and wholeheartedly want to share my learnings and wisdom with you.

I am focused on empowering clients to achieve their best to ensure they have a meaningful experience and uncover their full potential and truly thrive.

I work with many women helping them to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves and become self-aware to continue to strive for their best outcome.

I love what I do. You can too.


And for fun

●  I’m a mother to two energetic, gorgeous boys

●  I love all things spiritual, soul seeking and let my intuition lead the way.

●  I absolutely love skiing. As does my husband, so much so that is what we spent our honeymoon doing.

●  I have a dream to move to New Zealand for 12 months and ski to our hearts content (watch this space).

●  I travelled to India and Nepal by myself at the age of 23. It was increadible - an eye opener to say the least.

●  I have been coined as having the ‘best known’ work-life balance (is there even such a thing? It ain't perfect and was not always that way. Growth baby growth) and I’m proud of it (there was a time I would have hated this label).

professional bio

Claire Curyer is a passionate mindset and developmental coach who mentors ambitious women and unique learners, helping them overcome labels and release limitation, feel fully confident in their abilities, and tap into their true potential.

Claire has an extensive education and a background in Marketing, Communications and Student Engagement, and through one-on-one coaching and workshops, she motivates women to release limiting beliefs and behaviours, step out of their comfort zone and step into their own genius.

Claire believes in connection, collaboration, purpose and sharing her knowledge and skills to help lead and develop others and drive meaningful projects.

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