When Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday

SONDAY is when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

Do you know what I am talking about? It is an actual thing and, as it turns out, a lot of people experience it. 

The way I heard it explain to me, which made so much sense was... ‘it’s like getting to the end of am epic holiday and feeling anxious, low and depressed about returning to the daily grind’ - this is the same thing that happens every single Sunday. 

Does this happen to you? Have you felt it? I have? 

I often go into over thinking mode. Is this job my life’s purpose? I must be in the wrong career if I am dreading it every-single-Sunday? What emails are waiting for me? Checking my emails. What other jobs are going around? Oooo, should I apply? I didn’t prep my lunches, what did I even do this weekend, I totally wasted time. And so on and so on and so one. 

The ultimate, is to get to a point where Monday mornings are bliss and we are SO excited to get stuck into our work week. You will get there (we all will) but for now. Our job is to learn how to be happy at the work that we are in. Because we all need to work, right? 

It is key to understand that your job will not make you happy, it is your brain (and mindset) that will make you happy. 

Let me repeat that because that is important - your job will not make you happy. 

I find that we tend to go on a hunt for the perfect job for us expecting it to make us happy when in actual fact, the job will not change the way you feel. 

How do we move past these Sunday feelings so we wake with ease, feeling ok about our days work? 

Understand the root of the course. What is making us feel anxious, really? 

Ask yourself - why do I feel anxious? And ask why again and again until you feel like you can get to the bottom of the problem. Is this something you can simply address or do you need to do further work to eliminate the problems.

For example: 

Option 1. I am anxious because I really should have completed that project last week and I am still working on it. 

Solution. Can I call for assistance? Can I block out my calendar for the day and smash it out. Can I digest the task into step by step actions to complete it. Can I ask for an extension. Can I turn my emails off for the day to complete it? What can I simply do to elimate the anxious and increase productivity? 

Option 2. I am anxious because I have a toxic boss that I know will make my work life hectic. 

Solution. Toxic bosses do not create a healthy working environment. But, majority of us have bills to pay and work to do so quitting is not an option. Can you switch the perspective and look at what you will learn from this situation. Can you learn how to manage your boss (term, manage up), find out what makes him tick, what will impress him, what will make his day. Your challenge is to learn how you can manage your bosses expectations. Can you leave the office or environment for lunch. Take yourself away and change up the scenery? Can you start to journal your perfect work environment and change your story around your work sitation? 

What can you do to prepare yourself for a productive week, keeping the anxiety at bay. Or at least, putting in some tools to help calm the feelings and make you feel a little better about getting up Monday morning.


Stop yourself in action.

When the anxiety starts (or those thoughts and questions about work). Say STOP. No I am not going to let you take over my Sunday evening. I choose to not let you influence my feelings (because, thoughts create feelings) and I am going to be in control.

Easier said than done? 

Create a circle of influence. 

Draw a BIG circle then a littler one inside that. In the big circle, write everything that you are concerned about, write down your anxieties, your frustrations, the thoughts and feelings that are swirling in your head. Write it all down. 

Now in the smaller circle, move all the things you have control over and leave the rest. 

For example. You can control your to do list and your thoughts. You cannot control what you boss things about you or the amount of emails that will be in your inbox.

Your job is to focus on the things you have control over and leave the rest. As soon as you start to worry about the things in the outer circle, stop yourself, say ‘I don’t have control over this, so stop worrying’ and move on. 

Try these on for size. See how they go and if they help in navigating those Sunday evening feelings. I hope you have a beautiful week full of productivity and joyous energy. 

DISCLAIMER: if you are suffering from anxiety, there are professional services in place to support you and assist in your wellbeing, I would recommend you take advantage of this. 

How does this feel for you? Hope this helps to make some shifts on your Sunday evening.