Project Manage your Career

When it comes to your career we often have a picture in our minds about what it looks like. An idea on what you would like to do and a general scope on what you need to do to get there. But, what we dont do is really sit down and focus on what it is that we really want to do.

In this video, I give you an overview on steps you can take to Project Manager your Career. I presented this workshop on Project Management, your way to a group of student leaders at UniSA and have adapted it to fit around career managment as I feel that concept is the same.

To build on the sections, I have listed them below ..

The WHY. What is the WHY for your career? What is your purpose / passion behind wanting to take that road? Why are you spending time (and money if you are studying) on this? Why are you interested in this area? Your WHY will become your motivater when things start to feel a heavy or uninspiring.

The desired result and objects. What do you want to achieve? Start at the Result and work your way back. What do you need to study? What work experience do you need?

Action Steps. What steps do you need to take to achieve the result? Map it out, get specific. What are three things you can do today to get you closer to your result?

Communication Methods. What channels can you use to build your career? How are you communicating? Do you need to update your language in your resume, on linkedIn, blogging? How can you present yourself as an expert in that area?

Project (Career) Rules. What will you not do in your career? What are your values and how will you ensure they are met? What are your non-negotiables?

Set Deadlines. Give yourself some deadlines to the action steps that you are going to create.

Progress Report. Continual reavulating and celebrating the wins along the way.

As you manage your career, it is going to continue to develop, grow and change. As you explore new things and you find yourself excited about an area you had not considered your career plan and direction will naturally change and progress. Once you have spent the time putting together a career plan, you will have the tools to be able to develop it and build on it. You can continue to check-in and change it as you develop.

To help you pull it all together, I have put together a template that you can download and populate. This will give you a head start in mapping our your career and developing a career plan.